Hi, I am Anand

Data/Business Analyst

About me

Raised on the soils of India, I admired people around me building their skills, sharing ideas, and making a change. My learning started by observing them. I desired an engineer's mindset and framework when I pursued my undergraduate degree in Computer science. While I was in university, I was drawn into social entrepreneurship by Enactus. In 4 years, I raised CSR Funds for projects from corporates like KPMG, Unilever, and led the External Relations to work and collaborate with various businesses. I developed an eagle's eye to see problems in society, empowered local and rural farmers, and competed to bring business solutions that were profit-driven with greater social maximization.

On Dean's Full tuition scholarship, I completed the final year of my undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. I worked with diverse teams on projects, learning core entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, specifically on product-based Startups. I gained hands-on experience with business analysis, rapid product prototyping, and UX Designing. My passion to gain core skills in both user-centered design and business analytics led me to pursue a Masters in Information Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.

Resume and Professional Goals

I am naturally curious, with a flexible attitude combined with strong initiative. I am looking to work in roles that would help me dive deeper into the field of data analytics, by working with valuable datasets, strengthening my statistical and technical acumen, creating enlightening visualizations, and contributing to solving a business or a societal problem.

I have worked on various projects (inside and outside internships) involving the use of:

  • Python and SQL for data analysis, modelling and predictions,
  • AWS and Azure for creating automated cloud applications
  • JavaScript for web development and automation,
  • Tableau, Qlik Sense and Adobe suite for infographics,
  • Advanced Excel, and Google sheets for running quick analytics and visualizations.
You can find my self-potraits: here


Medical Report Generation

Python, GloVe embeddings

Binocular Stereopsis

Python, MATLAB

Ingredient Based Recipe Search Engine

Python, Javascript, TFIDF, Word2Vec, BM25

Texas CDC Disease Analytics

SAS, R, Tableau, Adobe Indesign

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